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About Us

Welcome to Freedom Prints 76.

A decade ago, business owner RJ Allen set aside his corporate life for the dynamic realms of teaching and public speaking. His empowering slogan, “Dream Big Pray Hard Never Quit,” struck a chord during his presentations, igniting the spark for a more tangible form of expression. This marked the birth of Freedom Prints 76’s journey in custom apparel printing.

Originating from RJ’s need for motivational tees to echo his mantra, Freedom Prints 76 has blossomed into a flourishing local enterprise, championing the art of personal expression. RJ began with a core belief: high-quality custom printing should be accessible and affordable. Diving into the process, he ensured that the products not only carry your message but also offer value for money.

Extending beyond just apparel, Freedom Prints provides a variety of customizable items, each made with meticulous attention and free from the constraints of minimum orders or concealed charges. Whether it’s an individual item or a large-scale order, Freedom Prints is committed to clear pricing and exceptional quality.

At Freedom Prints 76, every print narrates a unique tale – yours. Let’s create something truly special.

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